Monday, 30 June 2014

NEWS: Yelle are back

French electronic trio Yelle are back with their brand new single "Bouquet Final" from their third studio album due to be released this fall!  The song was released today via their YouTube channel after teasing us about the track for days.

Musically the track is even more electronic and has dubstep influences. It's even more dramatic than the material introduced on their second studio album "Safari Disco Club" released 3 years ago.

Listen to the track below!

Are you excited for Yelle's return to music? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Paloma Faith- Trouble With My Baby

Paloma is back with another stunning music video! She wowed us with the videos for "Can't Rely On You" and the intense "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" and now she's picking up the pace with her new single "Trouble With My Baby"

Visually this music video makes use of scenery to create something interesting. We see clips of Paloma walking through a desert to her male partner in the video who seems infatuated with her which basically means the whole desert scenes are a mirage.
In contrast to that we see Paloma performing in a bar being watched by her male partner which again adds to this idea he is obsessed with her. Overall the use of scenery and visuals is great and adds more detail to the story she's telling through this album.

The wardrobe is also super. The black outfit Paloma wears during her performances in the bar really works well and makes her even more desirable. The red outfit she's seen wearing in the desert also makes her look fierce and the use of the red suitcases and accessories to match is a really nice touch. Again Paloma has blonde hair in this video which also works really well for her.

On top of that we have a new remastered version of the track with new instruments and vocals from Paloma. The track sounds more acoustic and Paloma's vocals seem more vintage, a bit like Duffy's.

Overall it's a great video with stunning visuals and a fun atmosphere. It should do really well as a single and match the success of her other singles from the album.

You can watch the video below!

What do you think of the video? Comment below to share your thoughts

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SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Miss Li- I Finally Found It

This week's Single of the Week goes to former Magia Moda Style Icon Miss Li and her brand new single for the Swedish film "Hallonbåtsflyktingen". "I Finally Found It" is a happy and quirky track typical of Miss Li sure to make you feel empowered.
Recently Miss Li and her band have been on tour playing at various music festivals. You can get constant updates on her Instagram page.

Miss Li's new single is available on iTunes now as well as her sixth and seventh albums "Tangerine Dream" and "Wolves" which were previously unavailable in the UK!

Listen to the single below!

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

NEWS: Paloma Faith's new single is "Trouble With My Baby"

Remember in March when I reviewed Paloma Faith's third album "A Perfect Contradiction"? Well one of the songs I declared single worthy was "Trouble With My Baby" and Paloma Faith has just released it as the third single from the album!
The music video for the track is available to watch at midnight tonight and if you sign up to her newsletter you could be in with the chance of winning tickets to her show in London on November 25th as well as a handwritten lyric sheet!
You can buy the song on iTunes now!

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Friday, 27 June 2014

NEWS: Troye Sivan reveals debut EP "TRXYE"

South-African YouTuber Troye Sivan made a very special announcement on his YouTube channel last night, revealing he was releasing his debut EP!
Sivan announced the news via a vlog on his YouTube channel stating he had signed his record deal a year ago and had been working on the project in various studios all over the world for months.
Finally he revealed the EP is to be called "TRXYE" released 15th August this year as well as a snippet from one of the tracks.

How excited are you for Troye Sivan's EP? Comment below to share your thoughts...

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

INTERVIEW with Dr Meaker

Bristol-based group Dr Meaker are currently Single of the Week on the blog with their single "Right Back" which features vocals from Sian Evans. Below is my interview with Clive Meaker where we talked about Sian Evans, Skyfall and Rudimental!

• Your new single “Right Back” is released July 2014, what can you tell us about that? 
The single was inspired by a going "back to basics" mentality.  We just wanted to make an underground soulful roller and had no expectations on how far it could, should or would go. We made the track with V Recordings in mind and they took an interest in it early on.  My manager, who is a music man (as well as a business head) found the sample and said "go make a tune with that". I asked Sian Evans to write the vocal and it was all pretty simple to put together.  A very liberating track to make as their was no pressure from anyone to make it, so it's got a natural vibe within it.

• Sian Evans from Kosheen features on this track, was it like working with her? 
Yeah it was really good. I sent Sian the instrumental track and she wrote the vocal at home and then we met and recorded at Retrosonic Studios in Bristol. Sian is a seasoned pro in the game. She knows how to write and sing a classic.

• Which vocalists would you like to collaborate with in the future? 
I have all the vocal collaborators lined up for the next album and have 5 of Bristol's best vocalists in our camp. I'm really excited about everything we are working on together. Outside of that I'd like to work with anyone who brings a special kind of soul. I'm not driven by working with big names or whoever happens to be in fashion. It's all about the soul.

• You’ve received critical acclaim from mainstream acts like Annie Mac and Rudimental, how did that feel?
It's great to have Annie Mac consistently selecting our tunes for her BBC RADIO 1 show as she represents the peak of UK dance music and that spreads out across the world. It was the trumpet player from Rudimental - Mark Crown - that picked up on our recent tune after hearing it on 1xtra. He liked the horn sounds we have on Right Back and sent a few messages of support, which was cool of him.  We 're gonna hook up soon for a beer.

•    Which artists and producers would you say have inspired and influenced your sound the most?
The Prodigy & Massive Attack are the main two. So many others to mention from The Beatles to Barber. I'm drawing mainly on the past for inspiration or really random and uncommercial current music.  I'm not really feeling alot of chart music at the moment although there are a few acts that feel true to their cause and I respect them for doing their thing.

• Last year you did a cover of Adele’s “Skyfall” for BBC Radio Live Lounge, what other songs would you like to cover in the future? 
I don't have any current plans to cover anything else but who knows.  I prefer to sample rather than cover and use the samples to make original, new compositions. Skyfall only came about as we had to cover a song for our BBC Maidavale Live Lounge Session for Trevor Nelson and we thought it was the only true quality song in the charts at that time. So we did Skyfall Bristol style. It turned out wicked.   

•    What upcoming projects can we expect from Dr Meaker? 
A 2015 album is the main focus and maybe a couple remixes. We will be signing an album deal which is exciting as we want to finish the album and then take the live show across Europe and the World. 

•    Lastly, this there anything you’d like to say to your fans and supporters? 
To our fans and supporters - Thank you for your support. 


A huge thanks to Clive Meaker for that and you can check out the single "Right Back" below! 

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

NEWS: Lenny Kravitz to release new album "Strut" in September

You might know him from "The Hunger Games" but Grammy Award-winning rockstar Lenny Kravitz is making a return to music with his tenth studio album "Strut" released 3 years after his previous studio album "Black and White America" in 2011. 
"Strut" is due to be released 22nd September this year and the song "The Chamber" is available for download now when you pre-order the album! 

1. Sex
2. The Chamber
3. Dirty White Boots
4. New York City
5. The Pleasure and the Pain
6. Strut
7. Frankenstein
8. She's a Beast
9. I'm a Believer
10. Happy Birthday
11. I Never Want To Let You Down
12. Ooh Baby Baby
13. Sweet Gitchey Rose [Bonus Track]
14. Can't Stop Thinkin' 'Bout You [Bonus Track] 

Listen to the first single "The Chamber" below!

How excited are you for Kravitz's new album? Comment below to share your thoughts! 

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Monday, 23 June 2014

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Dr Meaker- Right Back (ft. Sian Evans)

After almost two weeks of no activity due to a holiday in France we finally have a new Single of the Week! This week it comes courtesy of Bristol group Dr Meaker consisting of Clive Meaker, Lorna King, Tom Wheeler, Jon Winder and Ben Wood.

Their brand new single Right Back is due to be released next month and it features vocals from Sian Evans who has previously worked with DJ Fresh on the hit single "Louder" as well as being a vocalist for the group Kosheen who had hits with the singles "Hungry" and "Hide U" in 2001.

The single "Right Back" is a powerful dance anthem combining sounds similar to DJ Fresh and Rudimental to create their own unique and powerful sound sure to get you dancing. Add the vocals of Sian Evan for a soulful edge and the single has something for everyone.

Listen to the single below!

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

QUIZ: The True or False Movie Quiz

The music and film industry are both huge with actors and singers crossing over from one to the other and sometimes working in both of them. Many singers and actors have secret double lives so take the quiz below to test your knowledge! 

 True or False: Lenny Kravitz who plays Cinna in "The Hunger Games" is actually a Grammy Award winning rock star.

True or False: Miley Cyrus made a cameo in the Disney movie "High School Musical 2" in 2007. 

True or False: Lady Gaga played herself in the 2013 film "Machete Kills"

True or False: Jennifer Lopez began her singing career before moving onto an acting career. 

True or False: Pitbull starred in the animated film "Epic" as the voice of a frog in 2013. 

True or False: Shakira once starred in "Wizards of Waverly Place" alongside Selena Gomez. 

True or False: Demi Lovato used to be a Nickelodeon star before focusing entirely on singing. 

True or False: Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler in Doctor Who from 2005-2006 once had a number 1 hit in the UK. 

True or False: Paloma Faith played a "Posh Tottie" in the 2007 film "St Trinians"

True or False: Kylie Minogue once starred in an episode of "Doctor Who" as a cyber-woman. 

1. True
2. True
3. False- she played a face changing character named La Chameleón 
4. False- she began her acting career first
5. True
6. True
7. False- she was a Disney star
8. True
9. False- she played an emo named Andrea
10. False- she played The Doctor's companion Astrid Peth for one episode

What other quizzes would you like to see on the blog? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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NEWS: Iggy Azalea to re-release "The New Classic" in September

This year Iggy Azalea released her much delayed and much anticipated debut studio album "The New Classic" featuring the hit singles "Work", "Bounce", "Change Your Life" and the smash hit "Fancy" featuring Charli XCX and in one instance Wiley. However the album isn't gonna stop there!

During an interview with Capital XTRA Iggy Azalea confirmed she would be re-releasing the record with 5-6 extra tracks. She confirmed she is working with Charli XCX on some of the new material stating the music would be "fun and unexpected". I just really hope she calls it "The New New Classic". 
Recently Iggy Azalea featured on Ariana Grande's new single "Problem" due to be released in the UK next week. 

How excited are you for the re-release? Comment below to share your thoughts! 

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

NEWS: Iggy Azalea reveals "Fancy" remix featuring Charli XCX and Wiley

Iggy Azalea stormed the charts with her catchy as hell track "Fancy" featuring the vocals of Charli XCX. Now she has released a new version of the track featuring English rapper Wiley.
Last year Wiley released his ninth studio album "The Ascent" which featured the hit single "Heatwave" and is due to release his tenth album "Snakes & Ladders" this year. The release date is yet to be confirmed.

The remix of the track was released today on iTunes UK.

What do you think of the remix? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

NEWS: The Ting Tings reveal new single "Wrong Club"

The Ting Tings are back! They took the charts by storm in 2008 with their hits "That's Not My Name" and "Shut Up and Let Me Go" and their debut album "We Started Nothing". In 2012 they released their second album "Sounds From Nowheresville" which achieved moderate success.
Now they're back with their new single "Wrong Club". This comes from their third studio album which is rumoured to have the same title, but not yet confirmed.
The track is due to be released to iTunes UK on July 29th. Check out the single down below!

Are you excited for the return of The Ting Tings? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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Monday, 2 June 2014

NEWS: Sam Smith reveals "Stay With Me" (Remix) [feat. Mary J.Blige]

Sam Smith has had a huge introduction to the music scene after winning critics choice at the Brit awards and featuring on hit singles from Disclosure and Naughty Boy as well as releasing his debut album and chart topping singles.

The second single from Smith's album "In The Lonely Hour" was "Stay With Me" which topped the charts in the UK. However for the American market he has re-released the track with the guest vocals of American R&B artist Mary J.Blige. Mary J.Blige contributes her vocals to the "Darkchild" remix of the song.
Recently Mary J.Blige contributed her vocals to a remix of Disclosure's single "F For You"

The remix of "Stay With Me" was released on iTunes today in America. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

The track is also available on iTunes UK.

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NEWS: Sia reveals new single "Eye of the Needle"

With Sia's highly anticipated sixth studio album "1000 Forms of Fear" on the way next month, things are looking good for the Australian singer-songwriter. The lead single from the album "Chandelier" has proved a hit in Australia and New Zealand and now it's time for the next single from the album!

"Eye of the Needle" was released today along with the pre-order of the album and it's looking like another, big sounding dramatic hit.

We've heard the songs "Chandelier", "Elastic Heart" and now "Eye of the Needle" and by the looks of things, this album will take a darker and more dramatic turn from her other albums.

Listen to the track below!

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It's a brand new week again which means it's time for a brand new Single of the Week and the first one of this month! This week it goes to DM and his brand new track "All Night"
The track was released 22nd May on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify and is a soulful R&B number guranteed to make you feel at ease!

If you sign up to his newsletter on his official wesbite you can get a free download of the track!

DM has a blog on which he shares unreleased content and the latest updates. So definitely go check that out here!

What do you think of DM's sound? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

ARTIST OF THE MONTH JUNE 2014: Jennifer Lopez

Happy June! It's officially the start of summer and who else but JLo could break us into the hot summer period?
Jennifer Lopez releases her new album "A.K.A" June 13 and features Iggy Azalea, Pitbull, French Montana and many others! Throughout this month watch out for news and lots of other special content related to the Latina goddess!

To get you started I created a playlist containing some of my favourite JLo hits! Check out on on Deezer, here!

If you can't access the playlist, the tracklist is here.

1. Jenny From The Block (Track Masters Remix)
2. Goin' In (feat. Flo Rida)
3. On The Floor (feat. Pitbull)
4. I Luh Ya Papi (feat. French Montana)
5. T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) [with & Mick Jagger]
6. I'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne)
7. Love Don't Cost A Thing
8. Girls
9. Get Right
10. If You Had My Love
11. Papi
12. We Are One (Ole Ola) [with Pitbull & Claudia Leitte]
13. Waiting For Tonight
14. Same Girl
15. Let's Get Loud

Are you excited for Jennifer Lopez's comeback to music? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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