Monday, 21 July 2014

INTERVIEW with Coma Coast

Last week Coma Coast were Single of the Week on the blog. The electronic duo met in Caracas in 2012 and have released their second EP out of three. Below is my interview where we discussed music, Spanish and their debut album!

l  Your singles “Fail Better” and “Last Song” are both Single of the Week on the blog. What can you tell us about those tracks?
     Both tracks are a natural progression from our first EP. Fail Better has a strong influence from Kraftwerk melodies (think Neon Lights for the dance floor) with a dark Italo-Disco synth. The chorus builds up to include a falsetto in the second part and piano harmonies which we love as we are big fans of rolling piano house tracks.  The lyrics are a tribute to all losers who thrive at trying.
     Last Song tries to capture the angst of being the last person on the dancefloor and knowing that it's light and daytime outside. Knowing that there's nobody home and trying to avoid the day after a great night out... It's a love song to the last person in the club... whether that be the DJ, the bouncer or the cleaner. Very romantic... Musically you can see some Italians Do It Better influences and some up to date 80s beats thanks to Rey's magic wand.

l  This EP is the second in a three-part series. What inspired you to release your EPs this way?
We can't wait to put an album next year but at the moment we're releasing 3 EPs on Parissi La Musique label. Music is consumed very quickly nowadays so you have to win people's hearts first and hope one day they are ready to commit to listening to a whole album.   

l  So far you’ve performed in Paris, Tokyo and London. Where else would you like to perform?
We're very lucky to have been booked to DJ at great parties and festivals. High up on the wish list for the future would be Berghain, Sonar and Airwaves Festival in Iceland. It's safe to say we wouldn't turn down a festival spot in the Med, something like Calvi on the Rocks in Corsica which has to be our favourite place on earth.

l  Which artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?
     Coma Coast is a collaborative project and we can't wait to invite guests to join us in our musical journey. Dream collaborations would be with The 2 Bears, Peaches and Angelo Badalamenti. Ideally all at the same time.

l  You two met in Caracas, Venezuela and have Spanish backgrounds. Would you ever consider recording any tracks in Spanish?
     I've been living in London for the past 12 years so I feel more comfortable singing in English. I always have done since I started making music as for me singing in a different language opened up a new way of expressing myself. One day we'll record a Spanish track, we'll just have to wait for our Latino blood to bubble to the surface.

l  You guys are working on your debut album to be released next year. What if anything, can you tell us about that?
     We have 20 tracks that we have been working on for the past 3 years and they keep evolving now that our sound is taking shape. Ideally we'll lock ourselves in a studio for a few weeks so we can put the finishing touches to them and invite musicians to collaborate. At the moment we are finishing our next EP to be released in the autumn so one step at the time. 

l  Lastly is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and supporters?
    Thanks for listening and we'll see you on the dance floor (we'll be the last ones standing, confessing our undying love for the cloakroom attendant) 

Huge thanks to Coma Coast for that and below you can check out their singles "Fail Better" and "Last Song" 

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