Tuesday, 24 June 2014

NEWS: Lenny Kravitz to release new album "Strut" in September

You might know him from "The Hunger Games" but Grammy Award-winning rockstar Lenny Kravitz is making a return to music with his tenth studio album "Strut" released 3 years after his previous studio album "Black and White America" in 2011. 
"Strut" is due to be released 22nd September this year and the song "The Chamber" is available for download now when you pre-order the album! 

1. Sex
2. The Chamber
3. Dirty White Boots
4. New York City
5. The Pleasure and the Pain
6. Strut
7. Frankenstein
8. She's a Beast
9. I'm a Believer
10. Happy Birthday
11. I Never Want To Let You Down
12. Ooh Baby Baby
13. Sweet Gitchey Rose [Bonus Track]
14. Can't Stop Thinkin' 'Bout You [Bonus Track] 

Listen to the first single "The Chamber" below!

How excited are you for Kravitz's new album? Comment below to share your thoughts! 

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