Tuesday, 22 July 2014

NEWS: Margaret unveils debut album cover and tracklisting

Polish singer Malgosia Jamro┼╝y aka Margaret has unveiled the cover and tracklisting for her debut album "Add The Blonde". Previously the singer released her debut EP "All I Need" which featured her debut single "Thank You Very Much". All of the tracks from the EP appear on the album. 

Below is the tracklist:
1. Wasted
2. Heartbeat
3. Broke But Happy
4. Too Little of Love
5. As Good As You 
6. Tell Me How Are Ya
7. Thank You Very Much
8. All I Need
9. L.O.L.
10. I Get Along
11. Click
12. Get Away
13. Dance For 2

You can check out the music video for her debut single "Thank You Very Much" below which contains 30 nude extras of different ages to make being naked in front of other people seem less dramatic or embarrassing. The track is also very catchy so definitely check it out!

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