Monday, 30 June 2014

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Paloma Faith- Trouble With My Baby

Paloma is back with another stunning music video! She wowed us with the videos for "Can't Rely On You" and the intense "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" and now she's picking up the pace with her new single "Trouble With My Baby"

Visually this music video makes use of scenery to create something interesting. We see clips of Paloma walking through a desert to her male partner in the video who seems infatuated with her which basically means the whole desert scenes are a mirage.
In contrast to that we see Paloma performing in a bar being watched by her male partner which again adds to this idea he is obsessed with her. Overall the use of scenery and visuals is great and adds more detail to the story she's telling through this album.

The wardrobe is also super. The black outfit Paloma wears during her performances in the bar really works well and makes her even more desirable. The red outfit she's seen wearing in the desert also makes her look fierce and the use of the red suitcases and accessories to match is a really nice touch. Again Paloma has blonde hair in this video which also works really well for her.

On top of that we have a new remastered version of the track with new instruments and vocals from Paloma. The track sounds more acoustic and Paloma's vocals seem more vintage, a bit like Duffy's.

Overall it's a great video with stunning visuals and a fun atmosphere. It should do really well as a single and match the success of her other singles from the album.

You can watch the video below!

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