Friday, 14 March 2014

Shakira Album Artwork Countdown

10. Peligro
Shakira’s second album released way back in 1993. The album cover shows Shakira sitting in what looks like a stone wreckage. I admire the setting and the cover however it is my least favourite.

9. Pies Descalzos
Shakira’s third album released in 1996. The album cover  shows Shakira against a chipped paint wall. The cover is nice and artistic however slightly dull.

8. Magia
Shakira’s debut album released in 1990. It’s a fun and colourful cover however it is dated.

7. She Wolf
Shakira’s 8th album released in 2009. The album shows a fierce-looking Shakira. The outfit and Shakira’s hair is really cool and really reflects the sexual nature of the album however the background could be better even though it’s an amazing colour.

6. Donde Estan Los Ladrones?
Shakira’s 4th album released in 1998. I always notice huge similarities between this album cover and the She Wolf album cover. I like the background colour, Shakira’s hair and it’s fascinating to look at. I always wondered as a child why her hands were so dirty though.

5. Sale El Sol
Shakira’s 9th album released in 2010. The album cover shows a natural looking Shakira lying on a beach. I really admire the exoticness of this cover and it looks really summery. It really shows Shakira’s natural beauty.

4. Laundry Service
Shakira’s first international hit from 2001. Shows a naked Shakira with her back to the camera, displaying a tattoo with the album title. What I love about this cover is that the title is a tattoo. It makes the title part of the picture. It’s a really simplistic yet striking image.

3. Fijacion Oral vol.1
Shakira’s 2005 Spanish hit. What I love about this cover is again the simplicity but also how grown up Shakira looks. Her facial expression is striking and reflects some of the dark tracks on the album.

2. Shakira
The new album to be released in 10 days! This is Shakira at her sexiest. The guitar is a really nice touch too making it really personal. The lack of clothes also makes her appear more exposed and open. The typography also reminds me of modern fashion branding.

1.     Oral Fixation vol.2
The 2005 English hit album. This is probably the most artistic and detailed artwork Shakira has ever produced. It shows Shakira in her most natural form, naked yet covered by the tree branches. The whole shoot just works really well, from the apple, to the baby to the setting. A work of art.

What Shakira alum cover is your favourite? Comment below to share your thoughts.  

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