Wednesday, 12 March 2014

QUIZ: Which Britney Are You?

As we all known Britney Spears has gone through a huge style and personality evolution through the years. But which Britney are you? Take the quiz to find out!

1.     What’s your relationship with your parents?
A.     I was born to make them happy
B.     They’re so overprotective
C.     They think I’m a freakshow
D.    They’re trouble for me so I don’t bother

2.     Where’s your favourite place to hang out?
A.     School
B.     Dodgy neighborhoods
C.     Clubs
D.    Somewhere glamorous

3.     What’s your advice to people who fancy you?
A.     Don’t let me be the last to know
B.     Let’s hook up
C.     Get naked I got a plan
D.    Work bitch

4.     Who out of these is most likely to be your friend?
A.     Don Philips
B.     Madonna
C.     Lil Kim

5.     Which of these hairstyles appeals to you the most
A.     Pigtails all the way!
B.     Wet and greasy
C.     Bald
D.    Something nice and glamorous

6.     Would you ever kiss someone of the same sex?
A.     What? You can do that?
B.     Hell yes!
C.     Maybe, if you killed the lights
D.    Yeah so they can smell my perfume

7.     Who are you most likely to fall in love with?
A. Anyone with an email account
B. Pharell Williams
C. A womanizer
D. A criminal

8.     What’s your favourite drink?
A.     A nice bottle of soda pop
B.     Something toxic
C.     Something icy
D.    Wine

9.     Which of these characters do you relate to the most?
A.     Lucky (101 Dalmatians)
B.     Cinderella
C.     Toy Soliders (from Disneyland)
D.    An Alien

10. What would you have as a pet?
A.     A cat
B.     A snake
C.     An elephant
D.    A poodle

Mostly As?
 quiz must have been horrifying for you! You’re the innocent 90s Britney. You’re just a young girl but try not to give into pressure otherwise you’ll be cuddling snakes and stepping right out of your comfort zone! 

Mostly Bs?
You’re the newborn sexual Britney! You’re trying to break free of everybody’s control of you and trying to break their perceptions of you by being controversial. However you do have a lot of street cred.

 Mostly Cs?
You’re the broken 2007-2008 Britney. You’ve taken a bit of a turn but don’t worry because help is at hand! Soon you’ll be growing into the classy 2011-2013 Britney.

Mostly Ds?

You like the luxuries in life and you know where you stand. You aren’t afraid to show people who’s boss.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and now it’s time to inspire others to do the same!

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