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Paloma Faith- A Perfect Contradiction: ALBUM REVIEW

In 2012 Paloma Faith gained huge success with her sophomore album Fall To Grace, which allowed her to break into the American market. And this year she’s come out with another cracker in the form of A Perfect Contradiction. This album is a healthy transition from her heart-wrenching and sad second album and picks up the pace a bit. Here is my track by track review of A Perfect Contradiction:

1.     Can’t Rely On You
The Pharell Williams assisted lead single. This track is like a better version of Blurred Lines containing more meaningful lyrics and a better tune altogether. It’s a disco-like track and shows off some really powerful vocals from Paloma.  

2.     Mouth To Mouth
Mouth To Mouth is another disco-like track almost resembling Bruno Mars’ Treasure. It has great piano and a wonderful choir for backing vocals which I really love. The track is a definite dancey track and will have you up and dancing.

3.     Take Me
1…2…3…4! Take Me is a brilliant soulful version of Jenny From The Block. This track shows off even more great piano and Paloma’s singing is amazing! It’s a really quick paced track for vocals and it’s really quirky. It’s also catchy as hell.

4.     Only Love Can Hurt Like This
An older sounding blues track. Paloma displays really powerful vocals in this track, it’s really emotional. A definite comfort song/party ballad.

5.     Other Woman
This song starts off quiet but erupts into a John Newman type hit. The backing vocals, piano, beat and everything come together to make this track amazing. A definite album highlight.

6.     Taste My Own Tears
This track is like a classic love movie song. It’s quirky and old sounding and will have you swaying from side to side.

7.     Trouble With My Baby
I really hope this track becomes a single because it’s sooooooo good! It’s like a cheeky version of Pharrell’s Happy. It will, without a doubt, have you up dancing and singing along with a partner.

8.     The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)
Slows down the pace a bit after Trouble With My Baby. It has echoey vocals and has rock elements in some parts. It has nice Rudimental-like trumpets and is almost like Britney’s 2000 hit Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know.

9.     Impossible Heart
A nice faced paced dancey track. Almost like the albums Blood, Sweat and Tears. It returns the album to the nice disco feel.

10. Love Only Leaves You Lonely
This track has a cool guitar intro almost like Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers. However it turns into a soulful ballad. It’s definitely a comfort track and has a big rock out at the end!

11. It’s The Not Knowing
This track starts off with a cool quick drum beat almost making way for a cheery song. It has cool slurry trumpets and starts off with quiet vocals, which erupt in the chorus. Another album highlight.

Overall the album is a piece of art. It’s a much cheerier version of Paloma. Taking the quirkiness of her debut album and the powerful voice from her second and combining it into one. The album artwork is also stunning and really intriguing to look at. Definite 10/10 Paloma!

A Perfect Contradiction is released on Monday so definitely go buy it!

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