Friday, 7 March 2014

Florrie- Seashells: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

Today the flawless Florrie treated us by releasing her highly anticipated music video for her new track Seashells from her new EP called Sirens due to be released in April.
The music video for Seashells is a fantastic colour collage, constantly changing and forming. The video mainly shows Florrie surrounded by dancers in a dimly lit room (sometimes lit up quite bright) and dancing.
The video is almost like a ritual or party. It's bizarre and suits the song well. The dancers surrounding or worshipping Florrie make it really interesting and cool to watch. The choreography is amazing to watch from both Florrie and the dancers and it works with the colours and shapes really well creating a really dynamic video. Florrie also looks amazing in the video and has a lot of control and backbone.

With the release of the EP containing music videos for every track I really hope the rest of them follow in the footsteps of this one!

What do you think of this video? Comment below to share your thoughts or watch the video here

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