Thursday, 6 March 2014

Throwback Thursday: Eurythmics

So it’s Thursday! And the tbt selfies will be going up on Instagram no doubt. But here on Magia Media we’re going to look back at an 80s legend. This legend comes in the form of duo Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart as Eurythmics.
Eurythmics released their debut album In The Garden in 1981 which, to be honest, was a commercial failure. However their second album Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) gained them their ticket to fame. Since then they have released another 7 albums containing huge hits such as Who’s That Girl, There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) and Right By Your Side.

The frontwoman Annie Lennox is an activist campaigning for female rights and raising awareness of AIDs. She is also an LGBT icon. Back in her Eurythmics days she became the master of disguise, pulling off a different look in every music video. At one time many questioned whether or not she was a transvestite!

What’s great about Eurythmics is that their music was ahead of its time and they did basically whatever the hell they wanted to. Their tracks are still considered iconic classics and are a huge part of the 80s musical sound.

If you want a taster of Eurythmics’ music check out their greatest hits album on Deezer here

What are your favourite Eurythmics tracks? Comment below to share your thoughts! 

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