Friday, 7 March 2014

5 Artists Time Forgot

One day an artist can be the next big thing. The next day nobody remembers who they are. Here are Magia Media’s top 5 artists that time forgot…

MIKA was huge in 2007 with his debut album Life In Cartoon Motion with his tracks Grace Kelly, Love Today and Relax (Take It Easy). He then achieved moderate success in 2009 with his second album The Boy Who Knew Too Much. However afterwards he almost disappeared. In 2012 he released his third album The Origin Of Love which features Pharrell Williams. Last year he joined The X Factor: Italy judging panel as well as joining the French version of The Voice.

4. Anastacia

Anastacia was one of the coolest stars of my childhood and probably yours too. She had huge success with her track I’m Outta Love in 2000 and again in 2004 with her track Left Outside Alone. In 2012 she released her fifth album It’s A Mans World and battled breast cancer. Right now it’s rumoured  she is working on her sixth studio album due to be released some time this year.

3. LeAnn Rimes
You probably know LeAnn Rimes for her single Can’t Fight The Moonlight but apart from that what else has she done?
Well quite a lot actually. She’s released 10 albums, the latest one Spitfire being released last year!

2. La Roux
La Roux were big in 2009 with their hits In For The Kill and Bulletproof. But since then they’ve been working on releasing their second studio album, which still hasn’t materialized. However new tracks have been played at their new tour so who knows? Maybe La Roux will make their grand return this year.

1.   Duffy
Duffy was huge way back in 2008 with her hit single Mercy. Her other singles Warwick Avenue and Rain On Your Parade gained moderate success. In 2010 she released her second album Endlessly with only one single! After that she took a hiatus. She can be seen now on her Facebook page doing the occasional cover video and posting inspirational picture quotes. However we’re all eagerly waiting for her to come back and win us over again!

Which artists do you want to see return to the music scene? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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