Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 Artists To Help You With French Revision

For those of you who study foreign languages you’ll know how important it is to immerse yourself in foreign languages in any way you can and music is a great way to do this.

For those of you who study French here are some great French artists for you to listen to while doing your revision.

Yelle are a fantastic electropop trio who formed way back in 2000. They released their first record Pop-Up in 2007. Their debut single Je Veux Te Voir (I Want To See You) is a diss track to rapper Cuiziner. For those of you with a dirty sense of humour this track will definitely lift your mood. Since then they have released a second studio album Safari Disco Club and done a brilliant foreign exchange with Robyn, translating her 2007 track Who’s That Girl into French. Right now they are currently working on their third studio album so look out for that later this year!

Zazie also known as Isballe Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes (wow!) is a singer-songwriter and previously a fashion model. She released her debut album Je, Tu, Ils (You, Me, Them) in 1992 and has since released another 7 albums. Zazie’s sound is very acoustic and rocky in some places and is great if you like dark and relaxed stuff. On her 2007 album she has a duet with Paolo Nutini on a track called Duo.

Do not confuse with Zazie! Isabelle Geffroy aka Zaz is also a singer songwriter. Her tracks are also quite dramatic but at the same time really quirky! She released her self-titled debut album in 2010 and her second album Recto Verso last year. T’Attends Quoi and On Ira are particularly good tracks.

Olivia Ruiz
Olivia Ruiz is a French pop singer with partial Spanish origin, which comes through in some of her music. Her tracks are quite bizarre and almost dark in some ways but brilliant nonetheless. Her track Belle A En Craver is a masterpiece.  She also has a collaboration with The Noisettes, Mon Petit A Peti.

Vanessa Paradis
Ask your mother who Vanessa Paradis is and she might tell you about a certain Joe Le Taxi. Or you might know her as Johnny Depp’s ex! Apart from that she has some great tracks as well as being stunning and a spokesperson for Chanel. Definitely check her out!

What artists do you listen to when you do French revision? Comment below to add to the list!

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