Sunday, 2 March 2014

How Happy Does Pharrell Make You?

2013 saw the success of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and Get Lucky by Daft Punk. What both of those songs had in common was Pharell Williams. You may have seen him before collaborating with Gwen Stifani, Snoop Lion and Jay Z but apart from that what else has he done?
We all know about his involvement with the BAFTA award winning Despicable Me films and his current smash hit Happy. But did you know he has also written and produced several of the songs you listen to every day?
Here is a surprising list of writing and production credits from Pharell:

Way back in 2001 he wrote, produced and featured on the track Boys featured on Britney Spear’s album Britney. He also stars in the music video getting flirtatious with the newborn naughty Britney.

In 2006 he produced a track on Pitbull’s album El Mariel named Jealouso. The track itself is pretty good!

In 2008 he produced a track for pop punk band Fall Out Boy called w.a.m.s on their fourth studio album Folie A Deux.
In the same year he cowrote the track Give It 2 Me with Madonna.

Pharell is evidently friendly amongst the Latin music scene as he basically produced Cuban legend Gloria Estefan’s 22nd studio album Little Miss Havana. He also wrote the tracks Why Wait, Good Stuff, Did It Again and Long Time on artist of the month Shakira’s album She Wolf.

Pharell also produced the down-tempo Inevitable by Scissor Sisters on their 2012 album Magic Hour. In the same year he produced Kendrick Lamar’s track Good Kid.

Last year he produced the tracks 4x4, GETITRIGHT, Rooting For My Baby and On My Own for Miley Cyrus’ smash hit album Bangerz.
He also produced Superpower and Blow for Beyoncé, even starring in the Superpower music video.

Right now he is currently promoting his second studio album G.I.R.L and producing songs with Paloma Faith, Kylie Minogue and Chris Brown as well as either irritating or exciting you with his track Happy. When asked how happy he makes me I have to say very happy. Once you get past the whole Happy chart-dominating persona he’s a pretty awesome guy!

How happy does Pharrell make you? Comment below to share your thoughts 

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