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QUIZ: Which Shakira Are You?

From a 90s rock chick to a woman’s role model Shakira has gone through a huge evolution in terms of style, music and personality. But which version of Shakira are you? Take the quiz below to find out…

QUIZ: Which Shakira Are You?

1. Which hairstyle appeals to you the most?
A.     dreadlock-like curls
B.     Wet look and curly
C.     Big and curly 
D.    Sophisticated and wavy
E.     Short and cute with a modest fringe

2. Which of the following seems the most comfortable to you?
A.     Nice baggy jeans
B.     Straight cut jeans
C.     Ankle skirts are more my thing
D.    I prefer glamorous dresses
E.     Short shorts all the way!

3. Which type of music do you prefer?
A.     Rock!
B.     Latin Pop!
C.     Big powerful ballads
D.    Bubblegum pop
E.     All of the above

4. Which best describes your personality?
A.     Brave
B.     Foolish
C.     Mature
D.    Flirtatious
E.     Fun

5. Which place appeals to you the most?
A.     A rock concert
B.     Big high mountains
C.     A peaceful garden
D.    A closet
E.     A beach

6. Which best describes your style?
A.     Cute
B.     Summery
C.     Graceful
D.    Glamorous
E.     Vintage

7. Which of the following are you most likely to do at a party?
A.     Get on stage and rock out!
B.     Do the tango with the best looking person in the room
C.     Belly dance
D.    Pole dance
E.     All of the above

8. Who of the following is most likely to be your friend?
A.     Myself and my music
B.     The most popular people in the place
C.     Wyclef Jean
D.    Lil Wayne
E.     Dizzee Rascal

9. Which of the following goes through your mind the most?
A.     Working for the future
B.     Trying to make everybody happy
C.     Heartbreak and friendship
D.    Sex
E.     Being happy

10. Which of these features would you like to have?
A. A young and pure face
B. Small and humble breasts
C. The best hips in the world
D. Longer legs
E. Screw that I’m happy with my body!

Mostly As?
Congratulations! You are the original 90s Shakira You aren’t afraid to rock out and experiment with fashion and music, after all you have a big future ahead of you! 

Mostly Bs?
You are the ever so popular 2001 Shakira! You’re young and just finding your feet with all this popularity that has overcome you. You haven’t forgot your roots and are living up to your full potential. The spotlight is yours!

Mostly Cs?
You are the wise and mature 2007 Shakira. While being mature and knowing what you love and what brings you down, you’re also showing everyone there’s more to you than they once thought! Every day you’re growing more and more into a role model. Shake those hips too!

Mostly Ds?
You certainly love the D! You’re the fiery flirtatious 2009 Shakira. You enjoy flirting and you’re good at it as well as showing the men who’s in charge and what you expect from them. You may be about to find your soul mate quite soon if you look a little bit harder!
Mostly Es?

2011 Shakira. You are happy with your life and you know what you’re good at. You can incorporate all your best bits into one to please everybody. You’re also a bit more modest and sensible and know who’s good for you as well as being the trendiest person about. Keep going this way and you’ll have true happiness at your fingertips in no time!

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