Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Iggy Azalea- Fancy: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

It's pancake day! And Iggy Azalea treated us with her new music video for Fancy the latest single from her upcoming and highly anticipated debut album The New Classic. The track features Charli XCX who also stars in the video.

The video starts off with Iggy (reading my blog) browsing for an outfit which she then wears to school. She's seen talking in front of her class in a debate with a school rival. The school scenes are great and show a variety of cool students with awesome fashion sense, the kind of fashion you wish more people were brave enough to try out. Iggy's outfit is also great.

 After this we see Charli XCX at a table with Iggy and some friends. We see even more amazing fashion. The style in this video is really cool which is typical of Iggy.
Afterwards Charli XCX demonstrates her cheerleading skills and we see shots of Iggy in a P.E lesson covering all the aspects of school life which is relatable to a young audience. If only real P.E was like this!

Iggy is also seen in a car with two of her friends who appear to be lovers while being chased by a lorry. These scenes make the video even more fun and amusing.
The same car then stops outside a party and Iggy and Charli enter together and join the party. These scenes are really cool and give the pair even more street cred.

More scenes are shown showing the rivalry between Iggy and "the other bitch" with Iggy of course winning. The scenes are great as they show Iggy is not to be messed with. We also see Iggy being admired in class which adds to Iggy's fab "I'm the coolest" persona.
The video concludes with more scenes of Iggy in the car with her friendly couple celebrating and laughing as the lorry which was chasing them passes.

Overall the video was great and really fun. It's another example of Iggy's great style and visual ideas. The setting is great and relatable and covers all aspects of school life ensuring there's something for everyone. Here's hoping the rest of her videos follow in the same path!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-zpOMYRi0w

What did you think of the video? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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