Sunday, 30 March 2014

Why Shakira was a great Artist of the Month

Well it's Shakira's final day as Artist of the Month as tomorrow a new artist will be coming to take over for April 2014!

Here are some reasons why Shakira was a great Artist of the Month

  • Shakira has donated over $45,000,000 to charity 
  • She hasn't aged since 2001
  • She's incredibly kind and loyal to her fans
  • She works incredibly hard ensuring she has maximum input on the production of her albums 
  • She doesn't need gimmicks during performances, she just stands and sings
  • She can speak fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese
  • She thoroughly studies the history and culture of every place she visit
It sure has been fun having Shakira as Artist of the Month but someone new will have to take her place. Who do you think will be Artist of the Month April 2014? Comment below to share your thoughts 

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