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SHAKIRA- Album Review

The album of the month is finally here! And it’s certainly a cracker! Once again Shakira has delivered and produced something amazing, here is Magia Media’s track by track review of SHAKIRA!

1.    Dare (La La La)
A great album opener! Dare (La La La) is an up-tempo dance track sure to get you out of your seat and dancing! It has a great spoken verse by Shakira which makes the song even cooler as well as a catchy as hell chorus.

2.    Can’t Remember To Forget You
The fantastic lead single featuring Rihanna. The song combines reggae and rock like some of the other tracks on the album. It’s like an amazing mix of “Don’t Bother” (from Oral Fixation vol.2) and Mon Amour (from She Wolf)

3.    Empire
The second single to be released from the album. This Skyfall-like track shows a clear return to Shakira’s rock-chick roots. It’s a really powerful ballad and very moving with some amazing lyrics. Can’t wait to see how this does as a single!

4.    You Don’t Care About Me
A dramatic break up song. The song sounds like something Gotye would produce but better! It sounds very heated and almost angry but it’s reallllyyyyy good!

5.    Cut Me Deep
This track features Canadian reggae-pop band MAGIC! The track is another reggae-rock anthem. Throughout the track it proves to be very reggae and authentic but at the end it erupts into a total rock-out. It sounds like something from No Doubt and it’s brilliant. Remix featuring Gwen Stifani would be highly appreciated!

6.    Spotlight
2001 rock-out alert! Spotlight sounds like something I would have grown up with, which I love! This track could definitely be a teen-hit as well as sounding really grown up. Definite banger!

7.    Broken Record
Broken Record is a very acoustic and quiet track and sounds really summery and young like Spotlight. Shakira’s vocals are also amazing as per usual!

8.    Medicine
This country-rock track features Blake Shelton, fellow coach on The Voice. It’s a catchy and emotional track and displays a really grown up version of Shakira. Definite single potential! M-m-m-medicine!

9.    23
Another quiet and acoustic track. This is definitely the most personal track on the album as it’s about her husband Gerard Pique. Definitely a song for romantics! (And you can hear her son Milan’s giggle at the end!)

10.  The One Thing
Another rocky as hell track from Shakira! It also has that really young and in love sound we’ve been hearing throughout the album. The beat also sounds really modern and cool. It’s also really catchy!

11.   Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte
Spanish counterpart of “Can’t Remember To Forget You”.

12.    Loca Por Ti
Big rocky-latin ballad! It sounds like something from her earlier albums “Pies Descalzos” and “Donde Estan Los Ladrones?” Shakira’s vocals are really strong in this track!

13.    La La La
Spanish Counterpart of Dare (La La La).

14.    Chasing Shadows
An 80s-like track! It’s a good mix of pop and rock, almost like something Eurythmics would produce! It was written by Sia and it’s really evident through the style of the track. Brilliant song! 

15.   That Way
A big piano ballad. It’s a really nice and pure track showing off the best of Shakira’s amazing voice. A great quiet and emotional way to close the album!

Basically if you thought the album was going to be full of “Can’t Remember To Forget You” and “She Wolf” like tracks you were wrong! This album is emotional, rocky and powerful. I can see why the album is self-titled because every song seems so personal and so alike to the woman Shakira is today. Having being a huge Shakira follower for 12 years I didn’t think Shakira could surprise me anymore but she most certainly has! It definitely ranks as one of her best albums. You might come for the hip shaking and but you’ll stay for the woman that’s for sure!

SHAKIRA is released on Monday in the UK. 

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