Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Welcome to a new part of Magia Media! "Magia Moda" is the fashion element of my blog, every Tuesday I'll be picking a well-dressed singer (Style Icon) and showing you how to get their look.

The first "Style Icon" is Miguel. Miguel is an R&B singer who has collaborated with the likes of Janelle Monae and Mariah Carey. On top of his amazing vocals he has an amazing sense of style! Here's how to get his look:

Topman £90
Topman £120
1. Jacket
With Miguel you have two options, gangster biker jacket or a smart suit jacket. The suit jacket should be mainly dark colours such as bottle green or navy blue or even burgundy. You can get these items from Topman however they can be really pricey, but you'll get the best quality and a long lasting purchase.
H&M £3.99
H&M £19.99

2. Shirt
Simplicity is key. Miguel goes for simplicity but adds to the simplicity with accessories. If you're going for the biker jacket look pick a plain t-shirt, you can get great plain tees from H&M at great prices. You can experiment with the colours but white tends to look best.
For the suit jacket look, a plain white shirt will do best. You can add patterns but make sure it's patterns on a white shirt. Again you can buy this from H&M.

Topman £20
3. Trousers
Whatever Miguel look you're going for, the same trousers work well. Black slim fit jeans (not skinny) are the best. Also roll them up at the ends to show off your amazing footwear! Topman have the best selection of jeans and trousers to fit anyone.

Prada studded creepers
Underground £78 
4. Shoes
Miguel has amazing shoe sense. He often wears Prada studded black creepers. Miguel likes to combine smart and quirky and he really does this through his choice in footwear. Be prepared to make brave bold purchases. Stuff like Doc Martens will also do well.

H&M £6.99
River Island £6
4. Accessories
To top off your outfit load up on accessories. Miguel wears lots of rings and in particular collar tips and chains. Topman sells the widest range of jewellery on the high street and you're almost guaranteed to pick up some great sale items for £1. Also retro black sunglasses are essential to complete your Miguel outfit.

5. Hair
To get the Miguel hair you should probably get it shaved at the sides either grade 2 or if you're brave enough 1. Leave the top relatively long and quiff it up! If you have thin hair load up with mousse and dry it in then add volume boosting powder. Then to hold it in place spray it. This is my method I use daily to do my hair.

The Miguel look is great if you want to look smart and casual at the same time. It can be relatively expensive in terms of jackets and shoes but you can find all the other items cheap. Don't be afraid to customise to create your own unique look!

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