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INTERVIEW with Von Valley

Von Valley are a brand new Swedish pop group, whose debut single "Shadows" is out now. The band consists of Max Sjödin (vocals, bass), Viktor Broberg (guitar, synth), Albin Sjödin (percussion) and Simon Seidal (guitar, synth). Earlier this week I sent them some questions about their new single "Shadows", opinions on twerking and their EP due for release later this year, check out the interview below!

  • For those of us who don’t know much about Von Valley, describe yourself in 5 words.

  • Your debut single “Shadows” is out now. What can you tell us about it?
    We recorded 'Shadows' in the studio of Mats Björke (Mando Diao), who also produced the song. Max wrote the song in his and Albin's summer home located in the northern parts of Sweden. Shadows is a dark song about nights when you start thinking about things you regret. It was released on March 15 by Pass This On.

  • The music video for “Shadows” has some lovely visuals. What inspired those visuals?

    We tried to capture the mood of the song throughout the video, with a glimpse of hope at the end. The landscapes and surroundings of our hometown Halmstad were a big inspiration, and are also where the video was recorded.

  • From the “Shadows” music video, it’s evident you guys have quite a cool sense of style. Where do you like to shop for clothes and stuff?
    Thank you. That would be Max (the guy in the video).
    Sweden has a good fashion industry with cool brands which we all like. We usually shop from local stores, and everything from second hand to designer clothes.

  • Your musical style is quite relaxed and folky. What artists would you say have influenced your music style?
    All four of us have been listening to many types of music while growing up, but some bands whom have definitely been an influence to us are The National, Loney Dear (from Sweden), Justin Vernon, Sigur Ros, Coldplay and Frida Sundemo (also from Sweden).

  • So you guys are working on an EP due to be released later this year. What can you tell us about that?
    Yes, we have been recording a few songs for the EP, which will be out some time this summer. It will contain songs which can be recognized from some of our live session videos, and a few new songs as well. We're very excited to get it out there, and we'll be keeping everyone updated through Instagram and Facebook during the coming month.

  • Will you be touring soon? If so, where?   
    We will be playing a few shows in Sweden during the next couple of months, and we've been planning to do a tour to follow the release of our upcoming EP. We don't have any details for you at this stage, but it will most likely be in and around Europe.

  • As we all know Sweden has some pretty great musicians under it’s belt such as ABBA, Robyn and Miss Li who are all Magia Media favourites. Which Swedish artists would you like to be as successful as?
    We haven't really thought about that. We do look up to all the artists mentioned above, and hope to just like them be able to reach out to as many people as we can with our music.

  • Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
    That's a hard one. If we could pick anyone, we'd be honored to get the opportunity to work with Paul Simon. Or Norah Jones.

  • Have you or would you ever record any songs in Swedish? 
    We haven't. Perhaps some time in the future, but right now we feel it easier to write in English. It goes along more nicely with our music, and almost anyone can understand the words which means a lot to us.

  •  Who out of the 4 of you would you say is the most in charge?

    Each one of us has naturally ended up taking care of different things in the band.

    Max is often the one who writes the lyrics and the foundation for a song, and then we all contribute with our own ideas to complete the song together. We do most of the non-music stuff surrounding the band by ourselves, like media/administrative work, so we all have to be pretty much in charge to make it work.
  • Do any of you have any weird or terrible fears? E.g. spiders, clowns 
    Max is creeped out by touching live fish, and swimming in deep dark water. And when we're watching horror movies together, Simon is usually hiding behind a pillow.

  • What is your opinion on twerking and scantily clad women in music videos?
    It's a strange phenomenon that we can't really relate to. It's quite inappropriate, really

  • Lastly is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

    We're very thankful for the people who have taken time to listen to our music, and we appreciate all the kind words and support - it means a lot to us.

    And thank you, Magia Media, for having us!


    No, thank you Von Valley for taking part! Von Valley are a really cool group so check out their single "Shadows" here
Also check out their websiteFacebook and a live session of their track Pour It Into The Sea!
And best of luck to Von Valley, it's been a thrill having you on the blog! 

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