Wednesday, 19 March 2014

QUIZ: Guess The Music Video

How well do you know your music videos? Pretty well? Well put that knowledge to the test and name the music videos in the scrambled pictures below!

CLUE: Two versions of this video were filmed as one version was not suitable for TV! 
CLUE: Comes from a very classical album by one of the worlds most powerful voices 

CLUE: Lead single from her second studio album in 2000

CLUE: This track features Jay-Z

CLUE: Lead single from her upcoming 10th studio album 

CLUE: A music video parodying other music videos 

CLUE: I live for the....

CLUE: New Zealand newcomer 

CLUE: Song named after a mood

CLUE: Very controversial video from the most controversial artist of 2013 

1. Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines
2. Christina Aguilera- Candyman
3. Britney Spears- Oops!.. I Did It Again
4. Beyonce- Crazy In Love
5. Shakira- Can't Remember To Forget You
6. Lily Allen- Hard Out Here
7. Lady Gaga- Applause
8. Lorde- Royals
9. Pharrell Williams- Happy
10. Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball 

If you got 10/10 well done! Comment below and share your score! 

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