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She's done it again! Lady Gaga has raised the bar with her new music video/short film for "G.U.Y." the latest single from her painfully underrated third album "ARTPOP". Remember the speculation that there was going to be a music video for every track? Well this is almost coming true as shown in the "G.U.Y." motion picture masterpiece. There are mini videos within the film for the tracks "ARTPOP" and "Venus" (still no sign of "Do What U Want" though- I was shaking waiting for that to pop up). Once again Lady Gaga has incorporated some amazing visuals in her video and I think this is more the focal point on the video. Unlike the "Telephone" music video this one doesn't have a clear plot which leaves the fans to interpret what's happening, which knowing Lady Gaga is her intent.
Anyway enough rambling and freaking out here is my review/interpretation of the video!

Chapter One: ARTPOP 

Possibly the most beautiful part of the video. A wounded Gaga caught up in someone else's fight struggling to make it to safety. The wardrobe and visuals are amazing here and the use of the track as a dramatic score is really clever. I have to say out of all her music videos this one has the most cinematic atmosphere.

The whole idea of Gaga being caught up in someone else's fight immediately makes me think of the never-ending war between her fan-base (Little Monsters) and Katy Perry/Madonna's fan-bases. Lady Gaga doesn't like conflict, it goes against everything she stands for and some of the fights that goes on between the fan-bases are particularly upsetting to see for both her and other fans. The arrow stuck in Lady Gaga's heart could represent the pain and the hurt that these fan wars have caused her.
Another interpretation is  that the fighting businessmen are managers and paps constantly hassling her to come up with amazing songs and videos but not to represent anything, merely to generate some income for the record studios. (Not as heart-warming as the first interpretation but just as likely)

Chapter Two: VENUS

REVIEWThis part of the video carries on from the ARTPOP opener. Lady Gaga is helped to safety and worshipped. I love the marching of the men carrying Gaga to safety as it matches the beat of the track. This was my favourite track from the album so I'm particularly glad Gaga included this. The religion-like visuals are really nice as are the costumes and props. To top off this part of the video it stars the ladies from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" which adds to the humour and picks up the tone a bit.

Carrying on from the whole fan-base war idea, this part of the video could represent the way Lady Gaga enjoys being looked up to. The fans that admire and help her through dark times save her from the arguing business men and the violent stans.

Chapter Three: G.U.Y.
The part we'll all see on TV, this focuses less on the story and premise and more on visuals and dancing to make an eye-catching and rememberable video. There's more religious imagery of Gaga being pampered and dancing with a bow and arrow as well as her looking up to an Andy Cohen in the sky like a god. There's also scenes of her in a high-tech government-like room which every good movie needs. The video ends with Gaga looking at the camera in the arms of a muscular man. I think this will do great on TV, it's eye-catching and people seem to like that at the moment. But it acts as a great ending to the film.

INTERPRETATIONThis is more of a collage than anything, to make the video suitable for TV however it does continue all the ideas expressed above but I think this part definitely supports my idea about the businessmen as Gaga is seen shooting money at men in suits. It's all very badass!

After you've watched all that there's a 4 minute long credit sequence to the track "MANiCURE".

I love this video, I think it's great and full of ideas. Lady Gaga never disappoints when it comes to videos and visuals. The choice of "G.U.Y." as a single initially worried me however I think it might do ok with sufficient promotion, it is after all really catchy. Great work Gaga! Can't wait to see what else the ARTPOP era has to offer!

Watch the video here

What is your interpretation of this video? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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