Friday, 30 May 2014

INTERVIEW with Portia Ferrari

You might recognise the name Portia Ferrari from last week's fantastic Single of the Week but you might not have known that she's also a model and has modelled for the likes of M.I.A and ES Magazine. Ferrari is certainly on her way to break into the music scene so I took some time to interview her about her current work and future projects. Check out the interview below!

So you’re featured on Super Electric Party Machine’s track “Body Talk”. What was it like working with Larry Tee and AttackAttackAttack? 
So much fun! These guys make life so much more colourful in this city how could I resist?!
Do you have any more musical plans for the future? And if you could work with any artist who would you choose? 
Definitely! Lots to look forward to, some cool collaborations coming up very soon! If I could work with any artist it would be Tupac and even though that's not possible in this life I reckon he'd give me a chance :)

As well as being a singer you’re also a model. How important do you think it is to have a diverse range of talents?
I think it's fun being able to turn your hand to a variety of things, especially if you enjoy being constantly challenged but I don't think it is important to everyone, some choose to only concentrate on one thing, everyone's different. I think you should just do what feels right to you.

Recently you appeared on M.I.A’s Versus Versace collection. How did you react when you found out you had been chosen and what was it like working with M.I.A? 
 I was a bit shocked but excited more than anything! When the day finally arrived, it all went so fast, was over again before I knew it but I really enjoyed myself, definitely a memory I never thought I'd have!

How would you describe your typical fashion sense? 
I'd say I'm a bit of a tomboy really, I'd choose trousers over a dress any time. I'd like to think whatever I'm wearing, could also be the same outfit id choose to wear during an apocalypse  -Lara Croft eat your heart out!

If you could start up your own fashion label what would it be called and what would your designs be like? 
Well it's definitely an idea that I've always played with since I was a kid but to think of what the name might probably be is too much haha! Also I'd have two :) One would be more commercial and aimed at younger kids, the other would be premium designs I'm still dreaming about :)

Are there any other fashion labels you’d like to work with? 
This is such a good question but to be honest I'm pretty open minded so I'd enjoy whatever came my way, I usually do. Plus whatever has landed on your lap is there for a reason so I'd take it as my choice!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and supporters? 
I'll remind people to BELIEVE in yourself and that all things that are possible. Also to be happy and in love! Life is too short


Well a huge thanks to Portia for letting me interview her! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the future! You can check out her track with Super Electric Party Machine here! 

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