Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Top 10 fan-made Lana Del Rey covers

 Believe it or not Lana Del Rey is Artist of the Month and I have to say I've been neglecting her. Oops. So to make up for it I went onto coverlandia.net last night. It's a great website on which you can submit your designs for album covers and there's a real diverse range of talents and designs on there. While on there I searched for Lana Del Rey album covers and selected my 10 favourite designs submitted by users! Here are my top 10 fan-made Lana Del Rey covers for her "Born To Die" album.
10. by Bossmanda59
This cover is beautiful and sparkly, almost instagram-like

9.  by SonOfAdam(Sictastic)
I love this vintage flowery cover, it really reflects the graceful and sultry sound Lana Del Rey has. 

8. by AdamDelRey
On this cover, simplicity is a weapon. Just like Beyonce's album cover. Sometimes the simplest designs can be the most striking!

7. by bon-bona
This cover is cool because it reflects the whole idea of the album. It's heavenly and shows Lana Del Rey like an angel showing both death and perhaps paradise. Great image!
6. by Cervaantes
Again simplicity is a weapon but also beauty and colouring. This simplistic but beautiful image of Lana would make anyone reach out and grab the album in a store. 

5. by Junior Myers
One of the cleverest designs I came across, making use of colour and shape to reflect Lana Del Rey's American look and persona. It's also really vintage and cool. A real clever design! 
4. by Novemberrain
What I love about this cover is that it's a colourful and sultry improvement on the original cover. The use of colours and filters makes this cover really spectacular and warm to look at. 
3. by Factory Girl
One of the darkest covers I've seen. I love the close up shot of Lana with the blood red colouring. It strays far away from the original cover and shows off the album in a dark and deadly way. 
2. by mimo.andres
This cover is probably the most beautiful one I came across. The dramatic image of Lana is great with the simple typography on the top. I think it shows off this lady-like image Lana has been achieving throughout the album campaign. It's also vintage and just in general really captivating to look at. 
1. by Bad
By far the most interesting image I found. It's deadly, it's dark and it's artistic. The use of the skull and the black and white setting really reflects the dark songs on the album and to be honest it's really just a clever idea in general. If only the actual cover looked like this!

If you haven't already then sign up to coverlandia.net. It's a great way to show off your work and express your ideas on what album covers should look like. Pretty soon I'll be doing a similar post for user designs of "Ultraviolence" so if you want the possibility of your cover being chosen then sign up! Or submit it to me on instagram, tweet it to me on twitter or leave it in the comments below this post! I want to see your designs! 

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