Saturday, 24 May 2014

MAGIA MODA: Style Icon- Paloma Faith

I feel like I've been neglecting the whole fashion side of my blog. I started it almost 2 months ago and to this date I've only posted 2 style icons! So sorry about that fashion lovers!
Dress from ASOS
As we all know, Paloma Faith is a huge fashion icon in the UK. Her quirky and vintage style rarely goes unnoticed and she's always seen wearing eye-catching pieces at various fashion events around the world. While her choice of outfits may be hideously expensive you can still create your own Paloma-inspired look at a reasonable price. So I went on a hunt for one of Paloma's best outfits and found out how you can achieve this look yourself at a reasonable budget!

The outfit I chose was the one Paloma wore at Milan Fashion Week last year. Paloma's outfit consisted of a baby blue wool dress from the Armani AW13 collection, some baby pink sandals and floppy hat with white socks, all of which created a vintage, cute and brave look. 
Topshop floppy hat
Searching for a similar dress was pretty difficult however I did manage to find a dress similar in colour and shape, while the material may not be exact you'll still bring across that look Paloma has. The dress I found was on ASOS and costs just £31.50. 
When choosing a hat you have to make sure you choose a light colour so it doesn't clash too much with the dress. Generally baby colours like creams and pinks go well with the light blue of the dress. Topshop has a great range of floppy hats which I demonstrated to you when Miss Li was our Style Icon. 
Topshop also has a great range of shoes, while they may be slightly pricey, you'll be satisfied with what you get due to my general experience of buying Topman shoes. They have a fantastic pair of T-Bar sandals in baby pink, which is perfect for mocking up your Paloma look. Finish up with a pair of white socks and you're good to go!
Topshop sandals
As for your hair you don't have to go bright orange if you don't want to. But you can achieve the style easily as demonstrated in this short video here! And if you want a price lock for lock version of how to get Paloma's hair check out this video here!

Paloma's look is cute, vintage and lady-like. If you choose this look you should expect a wide range of compliments. I've seen people pull of similar looks before and it works really well! So definitely give it a try.

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