Wednesday, 28 May 2014

NEW: Jhamasa Corinthian release new EP

Rap duo and friends of Magia Media, Jhamasa Corinthian have released a brand new 5 track EP titled "I'm Living Life...U Mad? Illest Nigga! Always Too Immaculate!" containing tracks made by Corinthian while in college.

The EP has various guest features such as Hotep Slowsteps, Jayla Lyons, Lil Pooh and Mercedes Lott. It was released 11th May on Bandcamp for free. The EP is very chilled and well worth a download! You can download the EP here!
Don't forget you can also download their awesome mixtape "Retro Love Arcade" here!

Jhamasa Corinthian have other projects in the works currently. How excited are you for their upcoming projects? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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