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Top 5 Necki Menij Characters

We all love a good YouTube series and The Nekci Menij Show is really one to watch! For those of you who don’t know about it, The Nekci Menij Show is an animated series that parodies pop queens. It usually involves them frequently bitching and shading each other and getting up to all sorts of mischief in order to stay on top. So far there have been 26 episodes and a wide range of characters have appeared. But who are the best characters? Here’s Magia Media’s top 5 Necki Menij characters.

5. Killy Manoge (Kylie Minogue)
She’s only been in the series for 2 episodes but already she is proving to be an amazing character. We all know the real Kylie Minogue is a lovely, charming and friendly woman, “the nicest girl in pop”. Not in The Nekci Menij Show! She’s absolutely demented! She also comes up with some cracker lines such as “fucking lying bitch, I’ll timebomb your whole family”. Can’t wait to see more of her as the series progresses! 

4. Brinty Spreas (Britney Spears)
Introduced in the very first episode and is an iconic character. Brinty never seems to care about what’s going on around her and doesn’t listen to characters. She’s a very care free character, even her own albums are pretty much done for her. Some of her best quotes include “hey I know this isn’t an appropriate time but fuck it I’m Brinty Spreas”, “if you shaved your head it might be easier for NASA to land a probe there. One day they might explore it all” “this party is shitter than the remix”

3. Merier Care (Mariah Carey)
The evil villain of the series. Merier in previous episodes has tried to resurrect Lol Kem, steal ARTPOP and most recently hold Rhenna, Ke@$h£r and Shrekora prisoner. Merier prides herself on being a hero and being perceived as a great and heroic person. She also runs her own hospital which has been used in several episodes. Some of her best lines include “that was probably me in my clever science coat”, “behold she will return from the groove”, “I did not disrespect you honey I just served some truth tea” , “Nekci do you wanna be on my nerves or what?”

2. Share (Cher)
The oldest character on the show. Share is another really puzzled character and very ignorant. She repeatedly discriminates against Medoner for her age even though she is older than her. Share has been seen hosting the FMAs (VMAs), causing trouble at Brinty’s Halloween party and doing a terrible performance of her single Woman’s World on The Voice. Some of her best lines include “hey Medoner maybe you should wait until the end of the party before wiping the floor with your tits” and “hey I’m only here because my film with Xtine put me in debt”

1.     Medoner (Madonna)
Medoner is without a doubt the rudest and most vulgar character on the show. She is constantly trying to stay young and ahead of Ladey Gags. On the show she has done various wild things like fixing the FMA awards, attempted to steal ARTPOP and create a time machine. 

Some of her best lines include “excuse me for breathing, Medoner’s too old, Medoner can’t be sexy, Medoner can’t blow up children”, “It’s called MDNE which is a short way of saying my name. Cuz yolo”, “oh fuck me backwards that’s an issue”

Watch the latest episode of The Nekci Menij Show here

Who are your favourite characters from The Nekci Menij Show? Comment below to share your thoughts

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