Thursday, 27 February 2014


I finally gave in and decided to start a music blog. It’s been something that I’ve been considering for some time as I have a lot of opinions and fascinations to do with music so I thought a blog would be good way to channel that enthusiasm.
Also in September I’ll be going to university to study International Marketing and after that I’ll hopefully gain a career within an organization of some sort. But before I do all that I really want to have a chance to market and promote something of my own and I thought a blog would be great.  
In this blog you should expect news, reviews, playlists and recommendations as well as many cool other features and articles. Hopefully I’ll be able to promote new music to you all and update you on the music you love as well as expressing my own thoughts on today’s music.
I have no idea how successful the blog will be but it’ll be interesting to see how it grows and develops regardless of success.
The first post should be up tomorrow after I make final preparations to the blog content. Thanks for any support and I hope you enjoy the blog!



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