Saturday, 31 May 2014

Top 5 fanmade Ultraviolence covers

"Ultraviolence" will be upon us June 13! So in anticipation of this release I went onto deviantART to find some cool fan-made designs for the album! Here are my top 5 designs made by users on deviantART. 

5. by hristeang
I love this design because it's artistic and also quite simplistic in terms of setting.
It's also quite dark and gory which reflects Del Rey's dark image. 
4. by Hyonicorn
Another simplistic yet effective design making use of colour and effects. The typography
makes this design particularly impressive. 
3. by 8BitDesire
This design makes use of imagery more than anything and this image of Del Rey
is particularly striking and the placement and size of the typography is very neat.
A very sellable design. 
2. by PerfumeManiac
This design is really pretty. The image and colouring work together to create
a really pretty design. It contrasts from the black and white image used on the actual artwork
yet it still looks really authentic and vintage. 
1. by DrewCasta
This is my favourite design because it's really imaginative. It contrasts from the other images
as it features a setting rather than Del Rey herself. It also looks typically American and really vintage.
A really unique and interesting design! 

There's a lot of great talent on so I really suggest heading over there and checking it out! If you're an artist and want to share your works and get feedback then make an account. You can submit anything you want without it having to go through moderation so you're guaranteed to be able to display your work. 

What would your design of the "Ultraviolence" artwork be like? Comment below to share your thoughts. 

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