Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Style Icon: Miss Li

Welcome to the second post from Magia Moda, the fashion element of my blog! This week I'm looking at Swedish sweetheart Miss Li! She's currently single of the week which you can check out here!

Miss Li is quite a big fashion deal in Sweden, she is known for her authentic vintage looks and over the past 8 years in music she's really perfected her style! She's even gone off to design her own collection of unique dresses and hats for Indiska a fab Swedish clothing and furnishing company! In this post I'm going to look at her Indiska collection as well as tell you how to get her style from high street brands!

Miss Li's Indiska collection is really vibrant and vintage. She was inspired by 60s colours and patterns while designing the collection. There is a great collection of dresses which are mainly long and silky. To get the look illustrated right click on the links below:


For a more accessible Miss Li look, some of your favourite high street brands offer similar items of clothing, perfect for creating your Miss Li inspired look!

In terms of dresses, go for something long and something generally vibrant. River Island has a fantastic range of maxi dresses which you can view here. If you want you can add a long cardigan. H&M offer great long cardigans at great prices.

Topshop offers a great range of floppy hats which are essential for turning your dress into a Miss Li inspired look.

Generally something chunky and vintage works. I'd suggest platform sandals as I've seen Miss Li wearing them quite a bit. Again River Island offers a wide selection of these.

Miss Li is a great fashion icon and has a really unique quirky sense of style. If you choose to go for this look expect a lot of admiration, it's a really brave and genuine look.

What do you think of Miss Li's style? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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