Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sia songwriting quiz

As well as being a well-established singer, Sia also writes songs for many artists. She has contributing her lyrics to several mainstream pop acts and stated "I don't need to promote this album [1000 Forms Of Fear] at all because I make enough money to live nicely from all my pop songwriting" 
How well do you know Sia's writing discography? Take the quiz below to find out!

1. True or False: Sia wrote the track "Timber" by Ke$ha and Pitbull. 

2. How many songs did Sia write for Shakira's tenth studio album Shakira

3. True or False: Sia wrote the song "Sexercise" on Kylie Minogue's twelfth studio album "Kiss Me Once" 

4. Which track on Jennifer Lopez's eighth album "A.K.A" did Sia write? 

5. True or False: Sia wrote all the tracks on Christina Aguilera's sixth studio album "Bionic"

6. True or False: Sia wrote Rihanna's track "Diamonds"

7. Which track on Katy Perry's fourth studio album "PRISM" did Sia write?

8. True or False: Sia wrote the track "Partition" for Beyonce's fifth studio album "BEYONCE"

9. How many tracks did Sia write on Birdy's second studio album "Fire Within"?

10. True or False: Sia wrote the track "Perfume" for Britney Spear's eighth studio album "Britney Jean"

1. False
2. One- "Chasing Shadows" featured on the deluxe edition of the album
3. True
4. "Expertease (Ready Set Go)"
5. False, she wrote the tracks "You Lost Me", "All I Need", "I Am" and "Stronger Than Ever"
6. True
7. "Double Rainbow"
8. False, she wrote "Pretty Hurts"
9. One- "Strange Birds"
10. True, she also wrote "Passenger" and "Brightest Morning Star"

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