Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kelis Album Cover Countdown

Artist of the Month Kelis really does know how to create an album cover. In her time she has produced 6 albums one of which is being released this month. So to celebrate I counted down through her best album covers.

6. Kelis Was Here
Kelis' 4th studio album is really good and features some amazing collaborators such as will.i.am and Cee Lo Green. The cover art is also sophisticated however in the grand Kelis scheme of cover art, it's not the best.

5. Wanderland
Kelis' second album released in 2001. The cover image is really inventive and pure however like Kelis Was Here it doesn't live up to the greatness of her other covers.

4. Flesh Tone
Kelis' 5th album is one of her most interesting albums structure wise. Every track has an intro or interlude between it and is great for those who are a fan of small albums (excluding all the interludes there are only 9 tracks). The cover art is majestic and mysterious and shows Kelis all dressed up which she never usually does. A striking image!

3. Food
Kelis' new album being released this month. I love the image Kelis is going for with all the album and single covers. It's very retro and pop-art-like. The use of the warm colours makes the album really enticing and reflects the whole food idea, i.e. warm food.

2. Tasty
Probably the highlight of Kelis' career. The image used for this album is glamorous, cheeky and simplistic. The whole branding scheme for this album was really great too, showing Kelis on top of giant ice-cream floats and eating lollipops.

1. Kaleidoscope
Kelis' debut album cover is simply the best one she's ever done. The detail and colour is amazingly striking and bold. The simple background is also lovely and contrasts against the colours painted on Kelis. A real work of art!

Which is your favourite Kelis album cover? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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