Thursday, 8 May 2014

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Lana Del Rey- West Coast

Well it's finally here! The music video for Lana Del Rey's brilliant new single "West Coast", the lead single from her highly anticipated third album "Ultraviolence" released in June.

The music video follows a similar style to Lana Del Rey's other material. It's sultry and dramatic and has a vintage look and feel to it which goes really well with Lana Del Rey's image and personality. The video has something for everyone, a young romance on a beach in black and white showing Lana and a male partner messing around with some friends which is displayed throughout the acoustic verses. For the chorus it switches to an older romance, Lana Del Rey in a car smoking a cigarette with an older man, which again follows this style from other videos such as "Ride". Then at the end for us visual lovers, Lana Del Rey in a red dress surrounded by flames over pictures of palm trees and scenery.
What I like about each scenario is that it coincides with a part of the song, the young beach romance for the verse, the older romance for the chorus and the flames and visuals for the last chorus.
Overall it's a great vintage video and shows off a rougher and even more vintage side to Lana Del Rey.

Watch the video here

What do you think of the video? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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