Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Why Kelis was a great Artist of the Month

Well it's that time again! May begins tomorrow and therefore a new artist will take the spotlight for a month! But before I reveal who the new artist is lets take a look at some reasons why Kelis was a great Artist of the Month!

  • Kelis like Shakira isn't afraid to experiment with genres in her music. Her tracks contain elements of hip hop, R&B, rock and dance. 
  • Kelis is a loving mother, her son Knight was born in 2009. She has recently claimed she doesn't want him exploited by the media. 
  • To promote her brand new album "Food" she took a food truck to a music festival and cooked and served free gourmet dishes to the attendees! 
  • On top of her music Kelis has a passion for cooking and has trained as a saucier. 
  • She has toured with the likes of Robyn and Britney Spears as well as collaborating with huge names in the music industry such as Andre 3000 and 

Well Kelis certainly has a wide range of skills and talents but who do you think will become the new Artist of the Month for May 2014? Come back later to find out! 



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