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2 days to go until Kelis' brand new album "Food" is released in stores! Earlier this week the album was made available to stream on The Guardian's music blog and I think you're all in for a treat with this album! Here is my track by track review of the album!

1. Jerk Ribs
"Jerk Ribs" is the opening single and opening track. It's a quirky and spicy track that makes good use of trumpets and you really get a feel Kelis is cooking up something good here. The song makes a great opener to the album however I think it would be better suited as track 2 as track 2 makes a brilliant opener!

2. Breakfast
This track is very personal and has quite a gospel-like sound which I love. Kelis' vocals are top notch and I love how personal and emotional the track is. This track marks the beginning of a grown up and mature Kelis. It's definitely an album highlight!

3. Forever Be
Next we move onto the epic "Forever Be". It has a kind of Bastille-like sound with a nice use of violins. It's very retro and again features amazing soulful vocals from Kelis. It's another emotional and mature track and helps the mature image of this album progress even more! Another highlight for me, I've had it on repeat for ages!

4. Floyd
Next we take a quieter and darker turn. It's very slow paced and vintage and very similar to the works of Lana Del Rey but with a jazzier twist. It has a vintage cinematic feel to it. A real nostalgic track!

5. Runnin'
"Runnin'" is another dark hip hop like track. It's very bassy and does sound similar to some of her older stuff but with a much darker twist. It's also quite emotional in terms of lyrics. A real great track!

6. Hooch
This track is brilliant. It's really funky and retro and sounds quite like Mark Ronson's remix of The Kaiser Chief's "Oh My God". It has brilliant trumpets and a quick hip hop beat. Kelis' vocals also still prove amazing throughout this track.

7. Cobbler
A quirky and fun track displaying Kelis' soulful vocals even more. The track has a quick and really organic beat to it almost like a quick jam with some friends with pots and pans. However I think one of the highlights of this track is the choir at the bridge. WOOOOOW!

8. Bless The Telephone
One of the darker and sadder tracks from the album. It's slow and almost country-like and theres accompanying male vocals to make it even more personal.

9. Friday Fish Fry
A quirky western track with a similar beat to that of "Jerk Ribs". It also has a military march feel to it and the chorus erupts into a big rock out! Definitely an album highlight!

10. Change
A dark ancient Egyptian-like track. It's quite powerful and daunting but brilliant nonetheless!

11. Rumble
The second single from the album which is a folky and retro track. It has a good feel to it and is nice and calm. It continues this retro and soulful theme the album has taken in a great way.

12. Biscuits N' Gravy
I fell in love with this song after hearing it on the live EP Kelis released through amazon. What I like about it is that it's really climactic. It starts off quiet and quite acoustic and then nearer the end it erupts into a big powerful soulful ballad.

13. Dreamer
This track makes a nice sleepy ending to the album. It's very celestial and quite like a lullaby while also incorporating hip hop elements through the beat. A real unique track!

Overall I think you'll enjoy this album. It's soulful and jazzy sound is a real treat for Kelis fans as we get to see her take a different direction. Kelis has definitely cooked up a tasty treat for us all so here's hoping it gets the recognition it deserves!

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